The best way to impress a potential buyer is to impress them from the start. In order to accomplish this, there are several things that can be done to properly sell your house in the least amount of time. Some of these things are related with the right preparation to get your home sold, others have to do with proper marketing and exposure that you should give in the current marketplace. There are different strategies to use in a high or low marketplace that will help you sell.

1.    Looks: Have you ever heard that you only get one shot at a first impression? That’s why it is important to keep the entry freshly painted, some flowers or candles will help your home look clean and inviting. It is also important to have the interior painted with neutral colors or staged in a way that the buyer can envision themselves living there. Remove some furniture that will make the home look less crowded. Buyers are impressed by a well-kept house, this will help ease their minds and allow them to see themselves in the space in a more tranquil and relaxed manner. The exterior is just as important, landscaping needs to be inviting, colorful, and well groomed. It is highly recommended to keep your driveway and curb cleaned. Overall everything should look well maintained and organized. Also it is important to keep pets away while you are showing a home. Some buyers are not pet friendly and will be distracted seeing pets around.

2.    The right real estate agent: the right real estate agent is always critical to a successful sale. The realtor you choose should be able to advise you on what can improve the looks on the home, provide you with a great marketing plan that will put your property on the most important websites and publications, provide you with great photographs, provide you with videos, open houses, and to be available to you on a constant basis. Most of all, your listing agent should be able to make a great price analysis of your home and work with you to determine the right price to put your home on the market. Overpricing a home is actually one of the biggest mistakes some sellers make. You want the most potential buyers for your home, not the least potential buyers giving your home a chance. Nothing is more appealing to a buyer than a magnificent, well-priced home in a desirable area. If you’re looking for advice in any of these areas then please allow me to show you the unique differences between Elliot Lee and the rest to help sell your property for the highest dollar amount in the shortest amount of time in the current marketplace.