There's an art to the home selling process. This typically includes the likes of home preperation, internal/external cleanup, and staging. Here is 9 tips to get your home into shape to be in the optimal selling condition.

1.    Improve landscaping- curb appeal is the tandem definition of a good first impression.

2.    Clean the outside- sloppy exterior will make buyers think you have a sloppy interior. Be sure to clean the gutters and pressure wash your homes siding.

3.    Make repairs- In a buyer’s market, you want your home to be in the best condition possible. Take care of the major stuff, like broken windows or a leaky roof. These are all elements that can discourage buyers.

4.    Make the front door inviting- with a fresh coat of paint, especially in colors that contrasts with the home. It will make your door stand out, making it its own welcome message.

5.    Depersonalize- The point of catching a buyer is to let them have the freedom and imagination to see themselves living in the home. Clean up by renting a storage unit for your photos, extra furnitures and other personal items.

6.    Organize closets and drawers- Messy closets gives the impression that there isn’t ample space, making the illusion of less space when there really is more.

7.    Make every surface shine- Make sure you dust your home from ceiling fans to floors and everything in between, clean your home until it sparkles.

8.    Take the colors down a notch- Having your awesome lime-green bedroom will appeal to a certain type of people. In the home selling process, it’s better to paint your walls a neutral color so that it will appeal to a wide range of buyers.

9.    Eliminate bad odors- hide litter boxes, close your toilet seat covers, and spray air fresheners throughout your home. I recommend the use of scented candles, it creates a cozy and warm atmosphere that is inviting to potiential buyers.